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Membership & Historic Vehicle Registration

Club Membership

Welcome to the Early Ford V8 Club of NSW – we are thrilled that you would like to join us!

Please click on the link below to download a copy of our Membership Form.

Annual Renewal due before October Annual General Meeting.

Fees are $55 per annum plus $5 joining fee.

The Club Magazine is delivered at no extra charge via email with your annual membership. If you would like a printed copy mailed to your home address then add $30.

Complete the form and post it with your membership fee to the Treasurer – details are on the form.

Membership Form 2023

New Membership queries: Steven Chalker – 0437 697 665


Historic Vehicle Registration

  • First point of contact when applying for, or any enquiries regarding Historic Registration is the Club’s Registrar.
  • The vehicle must be original unmodified as to RMS guidelines & suit the Club’s eligibility, that is, Early Fords between the years 1932 to 1954 with a Flathead engine, this includes Lincoln & Mercury models & those originally fitted with 4, 6, 8 & 12 cylinders.
  • For first time registration the vehicle must be inspected by the Registrar to confirm eligibility, the Registrar will confirm if the vehicle is applicable to the club, the car is original & presentable & advise what forms need to be used to apply to the RMS.
  • A photo is to be provided of the vehicle to be kept on file by the Registrar.
  • A printed road worthy pink slip must be obtained each year & copy given to the Registrar to be kept on file with each year’s renewal.
  • For renewals, an RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form is to be filled out & stamped by the Registrar with Club stamp & a copy kept on file by the Registrar.
  • Vehicle to be only used for listed club events or if on 60 day scheme can be used according to those rules with log book filled out for every use as per RMS guidelines. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure RMS rules are followed, if not the vehicle is considered to be unregistered by the RMS & applicable to fines etc.

EFV8 Club NSW Historic Registration Rules 2020



For more information see also:

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The Registrar
The Early Ford V8 Car Club of NSW
3 Durras Place
NSW 2560